The non-profit association "Claudius Galenus"...

...• was founded in the year of 2005 at the initiative of the medical staff of the First Surgical Clinic (the former Third Surgical Clinic), from the Mures County Clinical Hospital, having as main aim the development of an activity which would lead to improve the medical assistance provided for the patient.

Through this association several activities are performed, donations and patronages from the country or from abroad (brochure editing, books, participation at different scientific manifestations; donations of hospital beds, medical and surgical equipment, medical supplies, etc). Most of the funds were spent on the acquisition of medical equipment and surgical instruments, taking into account the financing difficulties from our health system.

Also, the association has great interest in promoting medical science and research; and has a wonderful collaboration with other similar associations and organizations. One of the successful collaboration is with the Association “Common Destinies”, regarding the pathology of breast cancer, with which we developed several programmes.

Founding members

  • 1. Coros Marius Florin - presedintele asociatiei
  • 2. Craciun Calin Coriolan
  • 3. Georgescu Rares Adrian
  • 4. Gomotirceanu Florin
  • 5. Hintea Alexandru Eugen
  • 6. Ilniczky Pavel Petru
  • 7. Dobre Adrian Sorin
  • 8. Cozma Dan Viorel
  • 9. Rosca Ancuta Noela

The association’s aims and objectives

A. the development of the educational programme in surgery;

B. the organization of medical education programmes;

C. the development of research in the surgical field;

D. the development of strategies which improve the healthcare services;

E. the participation in establishing and sustaining of several strategies and programmes related to healthcare issues;

F. the involvement in providing the medical unit with supplies, modern medical and surgical equipment, which ensures an increased efficiency of the medical treatment; and a rapid patient recovery.

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