The First Surgical Clinic, within the Mures County Clinical Hospital, is situated on the second floor of the former Municipal Hospital.

In the same building there are also the following clinics, departments and medical services:

On the ground floor: there are the practices for the emergency and ambulatory medical examinations, the laboratory, the extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy department of the Urology Clinic, the Nephrology Department, the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, the Radiology and Imaging Department, the Alimentary Section and an indoor cafeteria.

On the first floor: The Urology Clinic.

On the second floor: The First Surgical Clinic, The Second Surgical Clinic and The Intensive Care Unit.

On the third floor: The Fourth Medical Clinic includes the sections of: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology and Nephrology.

The First Surgical Clinic

On the ground floor there are

  • the specialty ambulatory, where daily activities of: medical examination, treatments and admittances, are performed;
  • the ambulance practice, where the medical emergency activity is performed during shifts;
  • the medical registry office;
  • the demonstration room.

The admittance area - one of our main concerns is the permanent improvement of the admittance conditions for our patients.

Our department has a total of 45 hospital beds.

There are 8 wards with 4-8 hospital beds. Each ward has a sanitary facility, modern hospital beds on wheels and with remote controls, central suction and oxygen unit, colour TV and wireless internet connection.

There are two rooms for treatment (septic and aseptic) and other facilities: the doctors' lounge, the ultrasound examination room, the sanitary facilities and the secretarial office.

The operating theatre unit consists of 3 operating rooms and the auxiliary facilities (preparation room, dressing area and scrub area). The operating rooms have modern equipment (high frequency electrosurgical units, argon electrosurgical unit, laparoscopic equipment, air conditioning systems and air purifying systems).

The hospital where The First Surgical Clinic develops its activity, having high performance equipment for medical investigation, provides a good preoperative patient medical examination; also, there is a good collaboration with the doctors of other specialties.

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The First Surgical Clinic
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