Due to the large number of demands, the patientís admittance that does not represent an emergency case is performed through prior scheduling.

The scheduling is performed with the acceptance of the surgical clinicís chief, only after the patient contacted his doctor for a surgical consult.

Phone no. for scheduling: 0265-215.133 interior 211

Scheduled admittances are performed between 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. from Monday to Friday

For the admittance are required the following documents:

  • Referral document in 2 copies from your primary care physician
  • Proving document from your employer or from The Health Insurance Home, stating that the patient has paid the fees towards The Health Insurance Home and the number of sick leave period for the last 12 months. In case of the retired patient- the last pension tally
  • ID cards
  • Any other documents regarding investigations or analysis

Surgical emergencies are admitted during shifts through the specialty ambulance room

Internal Regulations

Approved within the Administrative Council of the Mures County Clinical Hospital from 14.09.2004.


Visitor Access.


  • Patient visit, where it is possible, will be allowed only by following the schedule, established by the hospitalís administrative committee, which is posted at the front gate
  • Visitors will be guided by medium qualified medical personnel, named by the chief of the surgical floor, or by the chief of the nursesí staff. In case there are more visitors, these will be allowed one by one; so, there will be no more than 2 visitors at the same time for the same patient
  • Visitors are forbidden to bring foods which are not suitable for the patientís diet or if the quantity is too large. It is forbidden to bring alcohol.
  •  Visitors must avoid unpleasant conversations, which may affect patients, will respect the other patientís intimacy. For the mobilizing patients, it is recommended for the visit to take place in the hallways or in the clinicís rooms, especially arranged for this purpose
  • Visitors are forbidden to smoke; otherwise they will be fined according to the art.10 lit.a from the law nr.349/2002.
  • Visitors must respect visitation schedule and to comply with the indications provided by the doctors, medical personnel or security agents.

Visitation hours are between 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. during Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

For special situations, like patients with different disabilities (lower limb amputations, blind or paralysed, etc), which require special care, the curing doctor or the chief of the surgical floor may issue a ďpass noteĒ for one family member, allowing daily access within the clinic according to a schedule. Family members are not allowed to stay during the night or during treatment procedures.


The patients rights and obligations .Art.41.

As beneficiaries of the medical act, patients must respect the behaviour rules during the sanitary units:

  • the access is allowed only with referral documents or through the emergency service; only 2 persons are allowed to accompany the patient for admittance;
  • admitted patients have the obligation to wear hospital garments during the entire admittance period;
  • it is forbidden for patients to go through other clinical floors, other than the admittance clinic
  • it is forbidden for patients to leave the clinic in hospital garment, to walk on the streets or parks in hospital garments
  • it is forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol within the hospital
  • patients must respect the hospital unit they are admitted in and the other patients; they will not trouble the public tranquillity, they will not filth or degrade the hospital goods
  • patients will respect the internal rules and regulations
  • patients are allowed with media equipment (audio or video) only with the agreement of the chief of the surgical floor.

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